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I need to Show some details in the Opening form on click of the LinkButton in the Base Form.(like Opening the Delivery form from General Ledger Details) I used the Matrix-LinkButton Pressed event to display the details when the Link Button is pressed in the Matrix.I need to capture the LinkButton Event when the link button is pressed that appears before the textbox.What Event I need to

Use ? Please help on this matter. Thanks! in Advance.


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Try the following

If pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_MATRIX_LINK_PRESSED And pVal.BeforeAction = True Then

'write your code here

Dim ReturnValue As Integer = SBO_Application.MessageBox("Go ahead", 1, "Yes", "No", "Cancel")

Select Case ReturnValue

Case 1

'if yes do procedure x

Case 2

'if no

BubbleEvent = False

Case 3

'if cancel

BubbleEvent = False

End Select

End If

The above should prompt a message and accept a yes or no message and do an action according to that.

hope this helps

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Thanks! for the Reply.

This willl help for the Link Button which Presents near the Columns in the Matrix field.I need the Event to capture the Link Button which is before the EditText in the SAP Form.

For Example : Look at theDocument Screen, A Drill Down button is present before

the Cardcode field.If that Drill Button is pressed then the Business Partner info will be displayed right.I need to capture such type of Button Event.

Need help on this.