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Link between PO for Material and a PO for a carrier

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Hi experts,

I need to create a link between PO for Material and a PO for a carrier.

I explane the case

We have a supplier for a Raw material that do not supplie the transport to us so we need a carrier to make the shipment to us.

I need to create a PO for the supplier (A) for the raw material + a PO for the carrier (B) and I need that the sum of these costs (A+B) have impact on the material master (A) otherwise if I compare all the suppliers for the raw material A the data are inconsistent because this is the only supplier that don't include the transport.

How I can do that?

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I guess you can create a Freight condition type, assign it in the PO pricing procedure and while creating PO, assign the carrier vendor in the condition type (Item condition details) in the PO. So you will get sum of the cost as well as the impact will be against your material.


Vignesh Bhatt