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Link Between Material Document and Accounting Document Tables

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Hi Abapers,

Can u pls tell me, How can i link Material Document Tables (MSEG and MKPF) and FI tables (BSEG and BKPF)?

The actual scenerio is when we confirm order in Production Planning. I want to pickup value from FI tables.

Thanx in advance.



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you are posting goods movements when confirming the order? isn't that a bit early?

anyway the link between MM and FI is whatever you customize - see your functional guys/girls about further information. the result of that customizing is then stored in field BKPF-AWKEY, i. e. you get the number of the MM-document in that field. with this you should be able to locate the related MM-document in MKPF/MSEG/BSEG.

careful though. i'm not sure you get that information during the posting process but afterwards.