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Link between Material code, Customer & Certificate Profile (Quality)

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Hi All

I develop one smart form for quality certificate.

But I am not able to find out the link between Material, Customer & Certificate profile.

In which table these all data are storing.

On the basis of above condition MIC will print on Quality certificate.



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It should be posted in QM forum, isn't it? Anyway, try this.

First you get the profile schema in table T683 (configuration of profile schema in Quality Management -> Quality certificates -> Certification Profile -> Profile determination -> Define schema for profile determination). Standard one is QC0001.

Then you use function call V61I_CERT_PROFILE_FINDING with parameter (standard routine for finding certificate profile. Unless you have the user exit, this routine should work):


I_DATE = current date or whatever date (i.e., delivery date in outbound delivery)

I_DIALOG = leave blank

I_HEADER_COMMUNICATION => here you can put in your customer, material, plant ; depend on your access sequence

I_SCHEME = value from table T683

You will get the output in table E_KONDI which give you data of condition rec. no, certification type, profile and version.

Then you can use certification type, profile and version to select the characteristics from QCVM.

Hope it helps.