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Line item grace periods vs Days in arrears

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hi consultant,

in dunning procedure, we can see line item grace periods. if click the dunning levels button, can see the days in arrears at each dunning level.

what is the difference between Line item grace periods and Days in arrears? i think line item grace periods is after this grace period then only due to start dunning run and count the number of days until it gets dun. correct? what about days in arrears?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do not leave grace period blank or less than days in

arrears if you do not want to include items in dunning level "0" in your

dunning notice.

As per the documentation, the number of grace days (line item) and

days in arrears (first dunning level) you enter will normally be

identical. So if your days in arrears for level 1 is 14, you should also

indicate grace days of 14. Otherwise, if you leave the grace days

blank or less than 14, the system will include also items in arrears

earlier than 14 days (level 1).

As per online documentation:

Grace period shorter than days in arrears

In this case there may be items which are overdue but which do not

reach a certain dunning level due to the days in arrears. Although

these items are printed out, they receive the dunning level zero.

These items alone cannot trigger a dunning notice.



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