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Limiting infotypes for an action via IGMOD? (IGMOD giving me headache)

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I am really struggling to get my head around the concept of IGMOD feature.

I have read much on this forum regarding IGMOD but still don't get it. Any help with my specific requirement below is greatly appreciated. I should explain first that I am an abapper and HR config is a bit new to me.

In IMG under activity Define infogroups -> User Group dependency on menus and Info Groups, I have the following;

Menu: X1

Text: Hire

User-Dep: X

Reaction: space

Ref.: 99

which means that when I have User Group 99 in my SU3 parameter setting, and when I run transaction PA40 I get this Hire action.

So far so good.

In IMG under activity Define infogroups -> Info Group, I have the following settings for Info Group 'X1';

UserGrp Infgrmodi. No Operation Infotype SC Subtype

99 space 01 INS 0002 space space

99 space 05 INS 0001 space space

99 space 13 INS 0006 space 1

99 space 17 INS 0008 space space

99 space 21 INS 0016 space space

99 space 29 INS 0009 space 0

99 space 34 INS 0041 space space

The question is this. I have 2 countries; Country 1 Spain should run this hire action as is i.e. with all infotypes, Country 2 Austria should run this same hire action but without infotype 0009 appearing. Is IGMOD the best way to handle this? If yes then please advise me on the detail to do this.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you have differentitate your infogroups based on Ref Group you have used 99 for one country like that use XX for another country and default it in feature IGMOD

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Thak you for quick answer.

Problem is that we are using User Group 99 for a specific set of countries so I don't want to create another User Group. I thought it should be possible with IGMOD?

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I hope the personnel area will be different for 2 countries here. Why don't you differentiate the IGMOD based on that. Try it once i feel it should work.....

If it doesn't work then i would suggest you to create 2 hire action 1 for each country and differentiate infogroup on that basis of action....

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Try this:

1) Go to PE03, IGMOD, select attributes and change mode then go to Structure(mentioned in the end ) select molga and save. You will be able to see in feature now.

2) now for particular molga lets say for 99 give return value A. and for Molga 10 return value B (IGMOD feature)

3) In table V_T588D write A (which was ur return value) in feild Infogrmodi.

01 A 01 INS 0000 Actions

01 A 02 INS 0001 Organizational Assignment

01 A 03 INS 0002 Personal Data

01 A 05 INS 0006 Addresses

01 A 06 INS 0007 Planned Working Time

01 A 07 INS 0008 Basic Pay

01 A 08 INS 0009 Bank Details

01 B 01 INS 0000 Actions

01 B 02 INS 0001 Organizational Assignment

01 B 03 INS 0002 Personal Data

01 B 05 INS 0006 Addresses

01 B 06 INS 0007 Planned Working Time

01 B 07 INS 0008 Basic Pay

For country grpng 10 IT0009 will not show

Try this if it will help u.



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Your User group is not 99.... your ref.grp is 99..

please remove the user group from parameters and it will work.


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You are going to restrict infotypes based on country grpng.

So far you have assigned Ref.Grp as 99 and created infotype based on country group, like User Group 1 for Spain User Group 2 for Australia like this, now you want to perform infotype when you exeucte action as per your defined grping.

Do the following, In table T588D, bifurcate the grpng based on your restriction, say 1 for spain 2 for Australia, after doing this come to feature IGMOD and defind return value under concerned MOLGA as you have created,

Please make ensure, in SU3, you need to assign MOLGA * (for all countries) as you are performing for multiple companies.