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Limited Professional User vs Professional User?

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Hi experts!,

Can you help me please?... What is the difference about features, advantages, etc., of each one: 1) Limited Professional User and 2) Professional User? i imagine is talking about SAP licenses...

In spanish this is very short definition: tipo de licencias, limitada y profesional - MUNDOSAP

Tks and best regards!!...


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Hi Azael

There are 2 Limited Licenses, Limited Logistics and Limited Financial. The Professional License gives the user full access whether required or not. With the Limited Licenses, the access to various modules and items is restricted.

The advantage of the Limited Licenses is of course the cost which is lower than the Professional License. However, if a user requires a feature that is not included in a Limited License, you end up having to pay more for a Full Professional License for that user.

If you search the Partner Portal for License Comparison Chart, there is an Excel document you can download with all the details.

Kind regards

Peter Juby

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Thanks, this information was useful!!...