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License Does Not Exist Error

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We have developed an add-on solution. Our license file has an add-on identifier section. However, after generating our identifier with <u>solution</u> as the selection we get the error "License Does Not Exist" upon connection to the SAP databse.

If we select the <u>developer</u> we do not get the error. Do we need to purchase the solution license prior to completing our certification testing or submit for certification testing with the developer selection for generating our identifier?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I wonder how you could generate solution identifier if you have no solution license ?

If the add-on identifier generated using developer works and solution not, it means it requires solution license components.

You seems want to install the addon in the custoemr site meanwhile the customer did not buy SDK development license, so, you could register or contact SAP support to register your addon before using by third party.


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Thanks Jimmy,

However, we have registered our solution. Additionally, after you generate a new license file, the information about your add-on should now be in the license file I am told. So, we need a definitive answer on the BASIS and license file interaction, with a standardized step by step details on this process. Yes, it is listed in several documents on generating license keys and namespace, but, no real step by step instructions on use are out there.


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Manuel From SAP filled in the GAPS for me...When the service market place link redirects you back to SAP Partner Edge license request. The process is...

1 Select License key request.

2 Select your istallation.

3.Request New System

4. Select the add-on from drop down list and component for registration.

5. Select the number of users for your registered license(s).

6. Select the license expiration.

7. Submit the request, now you can generate a new license which works with the the licensing server and the Solution Identifier previously generated with the BASISXXXXXXXXX Namespace already coded.

Thank-you Manuel at SAP, and, Jimmy you were correct on the registration.

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