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Legacy Data Transfer Using AS100

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Hi Friends,

I'm performing mid year Legacy Data Transfer Using AS100. It's a mid year data transfer. I facing problem while transferring assets purchased in current year.

My FY is Sept to Aug

Transfer date is 31.01.2012

Current year asset cap date: 10.10.2011

While creating this asset using AS100, I receive this message

"Table TRANSACTIONS is not maintained completely Message no. BAPI1022018"

Structure of the Excel is as follows. Am I missing something? Please provide your inputs!

0 legacy AssetNumber

1 Comp AssetClass Descrip Descrip2 InvNo Qty SerialNo

2 CC Plant Manufact CapDate Location

3 DepArea DepKey UseLife ULinPeriod DepStart

4 SequenceNumberOfAssetLineItems RealDepreciationArea TransactionType Amountposted PostingDate



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Answers (2)

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While doing mid-year asset takeovers, you should use AS01 to create current year capitalised assets.

According to your question...SEP 2 AUG is your FY.

Takeover Date: 31.01.2012

So you must have set last closed FY end date as 31.08.2011 in date parameters for transfers.

And you might have mentioned 05-2011 as last dep posted period and year in OAYC.

So whatever assets you have capitalised in legacy system from 01.09.2011 to 31.01.2012, must be created with AS01 in SAP to create master data for them.

Since for these assets, there wont be any takeover values exists.

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Hi Srinivas,

Yes there wont be any asset take over values, but am aware that AS100 can capitalize the current year asset whose capex date is <31.01.2012.

In AS92, take over tab has transaction tab, where tty and APC value can be entered. I have already tried this using AS92, since we have few number of asset we need to use AS100.


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Thanks All

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check whether the below said SAP Notes

1376499 BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE: Message BAPI1022 008 incorrect 16.07.2010

505194 Change BAPI: Message BAPI1022008 incorrect

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The message no is different from the one am getting. However checked the notes, its not relevant.


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check the below said sap notes

1414839 Message BAPI1022043 during AS100 incorrectly issued 23.03.2010

1407155 RAALTD11 - Incorrect asset values in transfer year 13.11.2009

893970 AS100: Cumulated values w/ capitalization in transfer year