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Legacy Asset Data upload.

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I have uploaded the Legacy Data of Assets in Test Cleint,

Take Over Date as 31.03.2008. & Executed the Dep Run

aslo. But the Values which i have uploaded through AS91

are not getting updated in Asset GL Accounts. Do i need to

configure any thing to update GL's.

Kindly give me reply asap.



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Answers (7)

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The information everyone is giving you is correct, here's what you need to focus on.

1. Assign G/L Accounts (SPRO) IMG Line Finanical Accounting --> Asset Accounting --> Intergration with General Ledger --> Assign GL account

This transaction is tricky you need to highlight your chart of accounts double click account determination, then highligh your asset class and set up the defaults for each of the three accounts. (This will take care of the AA side when you load your assets)

2. Load Legacy assets using AS91 (FYI if you need to load bonus depreciation there is a config item which opens the special depreciation bucket as well) - This allows you load all your legacy assets acquistion cost and depreciation.

3. Set/Reset Reconciliation Accounts (SPRO) IMG line Finanical Accounting --> Asset Accounting --> Preparing for production startup --> set/reset reconciliation accounts

(in each company code you will be loading balances set teh GL account Recon. account for acct type set to blank (when set to Assets you will not be able to load the GL balances) onces the GL balances are loaded in the next step set these G/L accounts back to Assets)

4. Load your balances according to the configuration in Step 1 using F-02 (since my business has a large volume we use an LSMW to do this for us)

5. Reset Recon Accounts as stated at the end of step 3.

6. Run transaction code ABST2 sum the 1st local difference if no delta then you are in balance (you will notice that each account no is there twice, one is the AA balances the other are the FI balances.

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When transferring legacy assets you have to use indeed AS91.

However, the values you post there are not automatically posted to the G/L reconcilations account.

=> To fix this difference between AA & FI you can use transaction OASV to post also the delta values to the G/L accounts (FI)

=> To analyse the delta between AA & FI you could use TC ABST2

(To query your uploaded values for example per profit center or other criteria in AA => TC S_ALR_87011966 is also handy)

Regards & good luck !


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Use Transaction Code AS91 for upload the asset masters

Asset Class: Asset class u wants to upload, Co Code: Your co code

Desc: Des of asset, Capitalization date: Original acquisition asset date

Cost Center: Cost Center

Business Area: Business area asset belong

Dep Key: Dep key

Dep start Date: Original Dep start date

Then Click on Takeover Values

Asset Acquisition value: Value of asset when purchased

Accumulated Ordinary Dep: Dep till last year

Ordinary Dep posted: Till date depreciation

You can use TC-OASV for update GL balances

If useful pl assign points



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Hi Shekar,

The value that you have upload through AS91 will not get updated in the GL account.

The process to be adopted is that the Asset balances have to be uploaded by changing the Gl accounts to non recon accounts.Then subsequently you need to change reset the GL accounts to Recon accounts.

This is the process to upload asset values in the gl account.



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Please see these settings for Legacy data for Assets.

1 Set company code status u20182u2019 for Asset data transfer (SPRO-Img-FA-AA- Asset Data Transfer)

2 Specify the transfer date for data transfer as 01/31/2008. (SPRO-Img-FA-AA- Asset Data Transfer- Parameters for Data Transfer- Date Specifications- Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year)

3 Specify the last period posted in previous system as 01/2008. (SPRO-Img-FA-AA- Asset Data Transfer- Parameters for Data Transfer- Date Specifications- Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY)

Hope understood and assign points if you get through.



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These All Settings i have don.... for Legacy Data Transfer.

But i am asking about APC Value Updated in Asset GL'S.



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Could you give me detail message whatever you got.That would be better for helping u.


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i am not sure on this, enter the date 31.03.2007 and run

let me know