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legacy asset data transfer in current fiscal year

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Hi sap gurus,

The customer have started to use SAP in 01.04.08 and we try to transfer legacy data.

but i have doubts about old asset data.

i have to transfer legacy asset data as of 31.03.2008 (i mean, the customer gave me asset data which the depreciation is calculated for period 3). the company is using standart posting variant K4 (jan-dec 12+4).

Now i have to set the

IMG: Financial accounting - Asset accounting - Asset data transfer - Parameters for data transfer - Date specifications)

what should be the date ? 01.04.08 or 31.03.08 ?

what should be the period? 2008/03 or 04?

thx in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In your case as per the dates given by you, The go live is 01.04.2008.

So for assets you need to maintain the following parameters for Asset data transfer

in the "Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year" you need to Give 31.03.2008.

In the "Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY): you need to give 03 assuming that the client has given the data with depreciation posted up to 03.2008.

You also need to uplod the acquisitions during 01.01.2008 to 31.03.2008 with transaction type 100 as these belong to curent year depreciation.

All those asset acquired before 31.12.2007 you need to post Acc. Ord. dep and Depreciation for the 3 months ord. dep for teh year.

For All those assets acquired after 31.12.2007 you need to input the acq. value with transation type 100 and in Ord. dep for the year input the value of 3 monh dep.

Reward if useful.


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"For All those assets acquired after 31.12.2007 you need to input the acq. value with transation type 100 and in Ord. dep for the year input the value of 3 monh dep."

Does the above statement mean that:

1) tcode F-90 asset acquisition to be recorded in a separate upload using trans type 100.

2) tcode as91 - when creating legacy upload master for the above current year purchased asset, enter only the 3 months depreciation in 'Ord. dep. posted' field.

Could you please clarify?



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hi Ashok,

this means;

in transaction as91 (legacy data transfer) there is a tab for transaction types. you do not use f-90 or other transaction.

look for in the transaction as91. you ll find it.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In this case asset transfer date is 31.03.2008.period 2008/03

but make sure the dep start date if you want calculate for april then ord dep start date is 01.04.2008

But if they want the go live date as 01.04.2008 then u have to use the legacy data transfer date as 01.04.2008 and the yr&period are 2008/04

thanks and regards,


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how can i achieve reconciliation with GL and AA?

i see that in aw01n:

planned depreciation for 04: 300

planned depreciation for 05: 100


i transfer the data as:

purchasing price : 3000

accumulated dep: 1000 (as of 31.03.2008)

should i divide current year depreciation and post it??

accumulated dep: 700

acc. dep currnt year: 300

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Hi Ahmet,

Looking at your ex:- the Accumulated Depreciaiton upto 31.03.08 is 1000, so you need not split the amount as when you are trying to upload the asset, you will be providing the Acquisition Value and the Accumulated Depreciaiton as on that date.

So there is no need to split the amount. Further ass far asa the current period depreciaiton is considered it would have already been entered in the Depreciaiton (P&L) Acct.