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Dear sap gurus,

what is preliminary leg,main leg,direct leg,subsequent leg, and return leg?

what is the difference?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Divya,

Take this example

If we transpor goods through ship from company located at Chennai to the customer place that is at Cicago(US) , the fallowing legs will come.

From Company(shipping point) to Chennai port -->Preliminary leg.

From chennai Port to Cicago Port --->Main leg.

From Cicago Port to Customer place -->Suseqent leg.

If you are supplying goods from same company but customer located in the Chennai it self

From comapny(shipping point) to Chennai Customer -->Direct leg

From Chennai Customer to Company (shipping point) -->Return Leg

More details please go through this link

I hope it will clear for you,



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Main leg would be a larger portion of a leg in an multi leg route, where as direct leg is where there is a single transit mode.

For example--

If you are sending material to china it would go to dock and then from there to a dock in china and from there to you SH.

Here you can say that the second leg where the goods are in transit in sea is an main leg.

If you have a SH in the same country and you are transferring item directly via truck in a single transit than that is a direct leg.

Refer to this example also

A shipment can have any one or all 3 or any combination of the stages.

Leg - Refers to the Starting point and Ending point of a shipment. Could also include any intermediate points (Destinations)

For eg. : Assume there are two deliveries (D1 and D2) in a shipment.

D1 : From A - B

D2 : From C - D

Now the legs will typically be

A - B (D1 is assigned)

B - C (Empty leg - No deliveries)

C - D (D2 is assigned)

There are different types of legs available

1. Direct leg

2. Preliminary Leg

3. Main Leg

4. Subsequent Leg

5. Return Leg

In the example above, all legs are "Direct Legs".

If a shipment goes from Bangalore to Palo Alto Via Mumbai and San Fransisco then

Bangalore - Mumbai (Via Road / Rail) - Preliminary Leg

Mumbai - SFO (Via Sea / Air) - Main Leg

SFO - Palo Alto (Via Road) - Subsequent Leg

Off the above 3 legs, Mumbai could be a Load Transfer Point (The point where a shipment is unloaded from one MOT and loaded onto another).

Leg is nothing but the route

there r 5 types of legs

1. preliminary leg( for example your route destination is from delhi thru mumbai to chennai, preliminary leg is from delhi to mumbai)

2. subsequent leg( is from mumbai to chennai. this comes after ur preliminary leg) leg( from delhi to chennai in one shot)

4.main leg( is from one stop point to another stop point for example from delhi to ur first point ie mumbai or it can be from mumbai to chennai also)

5. return leg( is the reverse action directly ie from chennai to delhi in the other direction

Hope this will help.

reward Point if helpful.



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Dear divya

Please go through this help link

[Automatic Leg Determination |]


G. Lakshmipathi