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Leave entitlement Validation.

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Hi Experts,

My client has 2.5 days Earned Leave for a month. But the condition is this 2.5 days can be earned only when the employee's previous months attendence is full month. Otherwise the limit of Erned leave will be calculated like "(Total Days present/ Total days of month)* 2.5 days. How and where should I validate it?

Nasim haider

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Accrual is run in the end of accrual period. So if employee worked 100% in May, in the end of May system generates 2.5 days. Please note that not for the last month - quota is generated in the same month.

This is standard SAP logic. So if you are fine with it, you can try to avoid using custom PCR and use reduction rules.

Redusction rule are configured in table T559M. You should create new reduction rule and assign it quota generation rule in table V_T559L.

Rule should be as following:

Section "reduction rule for inactive days":

Reference period - Accrual period

Pct of inactive calendar days - 0%

To percentage - No reduction

From percentage - Proportinonate reduction


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I have followed All ur steps. But it is still showing the scheduled 2.5 days of quota. It is not calculating quota as per total present days for the period.


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Thanx for your solution. I have configured as u said. Currently the situation is like:

1) If I give period for IT2006 ( 01.01.2010- 31.01.2010) It is taking the full quota 2.5 days

2) If the Date Period is (01.01.2010- 15.01.2010) it is calculating (15/31)2.5 days*

It is working fine But

3) If the date period is (10.01.2010 - 31.01.2010) it is not calculating the quota as (10/31)2.5.* which is required.

Can U guide me?



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Hi Nasim,

For this you need to write the PCR. Then it works fine Here you need to check the conditon if that employee take the LOP then this leave has to calculate "(Total Days present/ Total days of month)* 2.5 days other wise employee is eligible to take this leave.

this will work though the pcr logic.

thanks and Regards,