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Leave Application - Use the input help to select an approver

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I have configured all the ESS.

Maintained the quota types in the table V_T556A_WEB.

Specified the work flow 12300011 in the node "Specify Processing Processes for Types of Leave"

Mapped the position of the employee with another position with relationsihp A002

Organizational Assignment infotype is maintained with proper dates.

Communication infotype maintained and proper ESS ID is maintained.

Sitll I am not able to raise the leave request. The error message is "Use the input help to select an approver"

I have checked in PTARQ transaction using Determine Approver, it is not showing the Supervisor of the PERNR.

What could be the reason. Please help!!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sir,

For the rule groups associated with the absence type on V_T554S_WEB,

check on V_PTARQ_TPROCESS the "Determine Next Agent" and how this is set up. Probably it's set up as "No Calculation/Manual Entry:" The system does not determine a next agent. Employees can enter an agent manually.

Bear in mind that if you have Line Manager Only your org structure should be configured correctly and on PPOME the red hat should be assigned to the manager. These two configurations (rule group + org structure) determine the approver if you go to PTARQ -> Determine Approver.

Bottom line, check orgstructre and V_PTARQ_TPROCESS to solve this.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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What you have mainatied for the rule group? Line manager? If the line manegr is on vacation ie checked thru It2001 or doesnt have 007 maintained then it gives an error, you should have a substitute maintained for him if he is not available

The approver should be available

This error occurs when the approver is not able to be determined

Another way is to use the BAdI Control Processing Processes for Time

Management Web Applications (PT_GEN_REQ) and implement the methode



PT_GET_REQ might be utilised here.

Please have a look at the method


If you are implementing the badi then make sure you copy all the methods

and implement the one, as mentioned.