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LC2 and LC1 difference

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Hi All,

I have a PO which is having the difference currencies,Cocd currency is INR and Docment curr is USD.

I have done the GR,Now the question is why there should be a difference amount in the Cocd currency and Second Local currency in Accounting document i.e. LC1 and LC2 amount.

If i see the other A/c doc in the same PO it is correct.



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When you have 2 different currencies, the document shows in two currencies diff amount.

since the exchange rate between the currencies are different.

please make your question clear.



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Hi Bharathi,

I agree with your point.

But my question is if i see the colonm in FB03 Following figures will be displayed

Amount Colonm > 200 USD

LC2 Amount Colonm > 15000 INR

Amt.In.Locl.Curr Colonm > 9000 INR

Now the question is why the difference of 15000 INR and 9000 INR are coming.The correct values should be 9000 INR in LC2 Amount Colonm and 9000 INR Amt.In.Locl.Curr Colonm.

And We have mnaintained OB22 with INR as a 1st and 2nd locl there should not be any difference.

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Please check in the transaction OB22 what are the additional currencies involved. Also check the Exchange Rate Type for both are same.



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Hi Anupam,

I have cheked in Ob22 both 1st and 2nd Local currencies ar ethe same and Exch.rate type is M and it's also same in both the case.