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launchpad for Approval lane in MSS (in UI5 HR_Renewal )

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Hi all,

we are able to see the Approval lane in MSS. but we are not able to add new links to it.

expanded approvals:

for this we are using the lpd_cust menu: MSS, instance: NAVIGATION

but it is not reflecting in the Approvals lane.

in lpd_cust, we can see following menus:

which menu we have to use.. how can we find out which menu linked to which lane.

after changing the menu items, apart from executing the report APB_LPD_CORRECT_TEXTTABLES, what else we have to do.



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Answers (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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you are adding new link can you explain? did you clear the cache? typically you can check in the code like this se80 > PAOC_MSS_UI5 typically you can debug in the class etc Application Class    /UI5/CL_UI5_BSP_APPLICATION (transaction lpd_cust -> select role and instance for example ESS and instance MENU -> Change -> in the menu select: Launchpad -> TextID/Tran slation)