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Latest Nakisa OrgChart build

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Dear experts,

At the moment we're trying to implement Nakisa OrgChart 3.0 SP2 for a customer.

The customer is on ERP6 EhP5 SPS6,  Java - Portal – NW 7.30 SPS9

The following build version has been deployed:

Version 3.0 SP2

Build 0702019400

I can recall from an earlier old thread  I posted that it's always good to have the latest build.

We raised an OSS and SMP replied with the following:

Thank you for contacting SAP Global Partner Support. If you refer to SAP Note 1508142, this outlines how to download Nakisa software from the SAP Service Marketplace.

However we would strongly recommend holding off updating at this time as Nakisa SP3 is due to be released this week, this includes a large number of modifications and updates for Nakisa products.

My question now is what the best way forward is:

1. Is it advisable to wait for 3.0 SP3? Or is 3.0 SP2 more stable at the moment?

When will the release for SP3 be available for download? Is there already a download link available?

2. To still retrieve the latest build for 3.0 SP2 has someone the direct link to the application?.

3. I have read the thread of Luke about the new funcitonalities of SP3 but if we use SP2 now is it easy to upgrade to SP3 at a latter stage?

Summarized:: Is it worth waiting for the latest release of SP3. In my opinion it does:-) but don't know if the customer is eager to wait.

Or is it advisable to first deploy the latest build of SP2?

Apologies if this question already has been posted and answered.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. SP2 or SP3

You're right about being wary for the new service pack.  Very few releases of software have no issues.  However I believe SP3 is very much oriented towards improvements in speed and stability, so in my opinion (and it is just opinion having not actually touched the product yet) the advice from SAP is probably quite sound.

I'd recommend reading Luke Marson's recent blog post on SP3 sooner rather than later - it'll only take you five or ten minutes and it will be time well spent. The post describes the additions provided by SP3 and there's some useful comments including Luke's hands on experience with it.

2. SP2 Download Link

I think the latest SP2 build link I last saw has now expired.  If you are a Nakisa partner you might be able to get a copy; otherwise perhaps the decision about using SP3 has already been made for you.

3. SP2 -> SP3

I guess that depends on if you do any customisation.  If it is the same client that you reference in another post as requiring "out of the box", then the work would be minimal.  If you apply any customisations, then you have a bit of work to do to re-apply them to the SP3 product build.  I don't know the exact extent of the changes (and it will vary by SP2 build), but given the range of stability and performance improvements, it is quite likely you'll have to do some re-work somewhere.

So is it worth waiting?  Well given the build number you posted and you potentially not being able to get the latest SP2 build, I'd say SP3 is worth waiting.  It really must be very close to being released given the response you got from SAP.  I think you could easily pass that on to your client and given them a business summary of what they get by going with SP3.  I'd guess that if you get any issues with the build you have, you'll simply be asked to upgrade to SP3 before they progress it any further ... so you're probably just saving time by waiting - which sounds a little zen to me


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Stephen once again thanks for your quick ad helpful reply.

You're correct I'm referring to the same customer for the OOTB installation.

I have read Luke's helpful post about SP3 and advised the customer accordingly.

Only thing is the customer is not willing to wait that long. So if it's not released on the short term, preferrably this week;- they want to continue with SP2

I also would assume even if we are not a partner the latest build of SP2 should be provided to the customer  if an OSS message is raised to SAP by the customer with this specific request. Correct?

I've had this issue before and posted my question here as well in an earlier thread. And the advise was to raise an customer OSS note on SMP.

I have asked the BC team to still ask for the latest available SP2 build to SAP.

If we continue with SP2 this would be the best way forward in my opinion.

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You can try pushing back on the OSS front, but I have a hunch that given the previous response you won't get any further (I won't say they'll purposefully drag their heels ... but I'm guessing that it will be prioritised as rather low) and when SP3 is released it will be pushed back to you saying it is available.

I'd certainly give it until Monday if you can to see if SP3 is released.  You can do any preparatory work in the mean time as it won't be wasted effort.  If there's nothing by Monday you could push on with your old SP2 build and try getting the latest SP2 build - but I think at that point it is going to be wasted effort.

I think your issue is certainly as much about managing the client's expectations as it is about trying to get a later build.  You could of course deliver the old SP2 build with the caveat that it does contain bugs that would be resolved by SP3 and that should they require an update later on (which they almost certainly will), that would be extra work beyond the out of the box delivery.

What ever path you take - good luck.


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Hi Carlos,

It's worth noting that some delta customizing might be required to get your SP2 configuration build to work on SP3. It's not a lot of work, but it can be troublesome if you don't have experience.

At the moment Nakisa are maintaing that SP3 will be released "soon", but so far it's a couple of weeks late (which isn't unexpected of the SAP Premium Qualification process). I would maintain that this should be released by the end of April, but I certainly wouldn't bank on it being available on Monday.

In terms of bugs SP3 does have some issues, but the bugs I've seen are only minor and mainly aesthetic compared to the issues faced in SP2. I would certainly recommend going with SP3 if you can, but it is certainly possible to start with SP2 and upgrade.

Best regards,


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Luke Stephen,

thanks alot for your helpful feedback.

Appreciate it alot!



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