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Last purchase price

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I upload Purchase Order through DTW

But the system does not take the price in the the file but take the last evaluated price instead, as I believe there is no record for last purchase price

How to keep the price recorded in the file? Or how to upload a last purchase price?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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pleaes kindly refer to note 991114 to see if it helps on your issue.

i paste the contents for your reference.

The behaviour of SAP Business One 2005A SP01 when calculating the row

total has changed.

A new checkbox named 'Calculate Row Total Using Unit Price' has been

added to Adminstration -> System Initialization -> Document Settings ->

General tab.

Once it is checked, B1 will calculate the Line Total as (Quantity * Unit

Price * Discount), so 'Price After Discount' becomes a read-only field.

Since 'Price' field in DI API is pointing to that field, the price set

in this field is ignored, therefore the system will use the default

price or zero if it does not exist.

In order to adjust your needs to this new behaviour, you can choose

either of the following:

1. Uncheck the box 'Calculate Row Total Using Unit Price' thus you will

be able to keep using the 'Price' field (or column in DTW) as



2. Use the 'UnitPrice' field instead of the 'price' field if you want

to keep 'Calculate Row Total Using Unit Price' checked. When using

DTW, you must rename the 'Price' column as 'UnitPrice'.

best regards,

xiaodan an

sap business one forum team

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I think when you upload the purchase order, the inventory is not increased yet. So, the system won' t use the price in the template but using last eval. price.

if you upload the GRPO, then the price is included.