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Last Evaluated Price not updating

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I have a very wierd issue which I have never seen before as explained below. The system is 8.82 PL 6.

Problem: The Last Evaluated price (LEP) is not updating on Item Master Data (IMD) under certain conditions.


1. All items have a valuation method of FIFO

2. For a particular item let us call it 101381, if I open the IMD, select LEP, the price shows up as 516.80

3. There are definitely Goods Receipts for this item with a lower price than 516.80

4. I run the 'Inventory Valuation Simulation Report' with blank From-Item and To-Item, i.e. for all items, calc. method as moving average, Posting date blank and WHs checked off

5. There are thousands of items in our IMD but obviously, the report that comes up just shows the first item on our IMD 100000, and if we want to see 101381, we need to click the green right arrow 1381 times. So instead of scrolling over, I simply click OK to close this report, assuming that the LEP for 101381 has been updated

6. I once again open the IMD for 101381 and choose LEP. Strangely, the LEP price still shows as 516.80!

7. Then I run the report for a block of Items say from 101380 to 101390, keeping all other criteria the same as before

8. This time, I click the green arrow 10 times to scroll from 101380 to 101390 and then clck OK to close the report.

9. Now if I open the Item 101381 and check the LEP, it has been updated to 510.78!!!

10. The same thing happens, i.e. the LEP gets updated if I simply select just 1 item i.e. FROM 101381 TO 101381.

Why does the LEP not get updated automatically when all Items are taken at once? There is no way the users are going to click the green right arrow 20000 times just to refresh the LEP on all 20000 items. I am not sure if this is a bug in this PL?

I have tested this extensively and any positive suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Ajay Audich

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please refer SAP note:

1952446 - Inventory audit report updates item's last evaluated

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