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Landed cost allocation by quantity

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Hi, I'm having an issue and wanted advice

I wanted to know whether we can distribute the landed cost by the number of quantity

(scenario) : 100 unit of goods were imported and a/p was recorded for the same but there were 2 brokers involved for the shipments 50 units each

I want to know if we can distribute the quantity while adding the landed cost as 50 units for broker 1 and 50 units for broker two for the same AP.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sooraj,

Welcome to SAP Community, first you have to enable multiple broker option from Document setting -> Per Documents -> Landed Cost. when you enable this then you can define the multiple broker in Landed cost -> Cost tab.
Now as pre your scenario there are following possibilities:
1. GRPO is added with single line with 100 QTY and there are two broker:

  • first define Brokerage1 and Brokerage2 in Landed cost setup.
  • Now in Landed cost form cost tab you can define the multiple brokerage and multiple broker and allocation method will be Quantity.

2. If you wanted to allocate total brokerage in multiple line items then you need to just define allocation method = Quantity.

Warm Regards,

Harsukh Rakholiya

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thank you very much!!

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