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Laid-In Cost

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Hi SAP Experts,

In Inter-Company Purchases, Please check if there is any possibilities check the Laid-Cost ( freight cost ), for the materials purchased. for example. Subsidiary A purchases material from another Subsidiary called B, and Subsidiary A would like to see / know what could be the Laid-In cost , preferably in % ? Is there any report to see this?

Purpose is to see, whether there is any Laid-In Cost defined? If so, then how much is that?

If not, to define one then...

Please let me know if someone out there could help me out with this.

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I honestly had not heard this term before. Checked wikipedia and did not find it either.

Found in other boards, this formula: FOB price + shipping/handling/tax = laid-in cost

then I found this description: The total cost to a wholesaler to purchase the product suitable for sale in their market.

and this: The Purchase Price paid by Importer for the Products plus all Importer Expenses with respect to such Products.

So it seems that your definition of laid-in is different to these here.

In any case, there is no standard report on pricing conditions.