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KP98 - Differences because of exchange rate types

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I am using KP98 transaction to copy actual data to plan data.

I take CO area currency for example and the system copy the amount correctly in my CO area currency, but in object currency there is a difference because of the exchange rate types ( actual and budget exchange rate types are different)

Is it possible to copy the same amount in the two currencies?

Thanks a lot

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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during copying the data in CO area currency are converted into local currency based on the ex.rate settings in the CO version definition, the local curr. data is not really copied.

If you have an ex. rate that is changed every period it should be possible to copy the first period (with the correct ex.rate settings in CO version definition), change the ex.rate setting, copy the next period, change the ex. rate setting again, copy again,...

Best regards, Christian

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