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KOMKAZ structure fields are not showing in price analysis view

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Hello Friends,

I am facing a very peculiar issue in the pricing analysis for determination of taxes. For the business requirement, we defined a new tax condition table for determination of tax rates. For this, we are using both standard and custom fields to derive the correct tax rates in sales/billing documents like below

A859: Country/Distr. Chl/Cust.grp.5/Material (Here Customer.grp 5 was added following the SAP Note: 531835)

The field was inserted in the communication structure KOMKAZ which is included in both KOMK and KOMP.

During the document processing, the pricing analysis view shows no value in the customer grp 5 field, though it is maintained for the customer used in the sales order. The code has been written in MV45 and RV60 both as guided in SAP Note: 531835. But the values are not flowing.

Please help. Your inputs are really needed.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards.

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Answers (2)

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Dear Friends,

My problem got solved with some other solution.

M posting the answer to help the community for similar issue.

At first, replying to the answer left to my question, there is no separate need to add the new field to KOMG structure since including the field in KOMKAZ automatically gets included in KOMK and KOMG.

Also, the new field tat i had added was Customer Grp 5 field of Customer master ->Extras->Additional field and I wanted the value to flow in the ZZKVGR5 field before the Pricing for the sales order was called.

After trying all, we have finally fetched the value from KNVV-KVGR5 and got it moved to ZZKVGR5 field through ABAP coding.

After this when i select/click on Pricing for a particular item, it gets picked up correctly and properly.

Thanks for everyones time and intention of help.

Regards to all.

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hi coolflames,

do you have insertes the new field in structure KOMG ? if not - pls do so.

If you have a field in komp, i think you have additinally do the access-optimazion. ( i dont know the right english word for that ).

( i do : if i take an new field into pricing, at the place, where you select the field, it must occure 2 times - once in komg and once in the other structure - for position fields, in customizing there is an additional point 1 below, to enter the optimation of access for fields )

hope i could help