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KKS1 - Variance Calculation Problem

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We are getting issues here taking this variance calculation; KKS1.

Now when we run that in Test Mode, the result it gives this message -

Only remaining var. in version 0 - no target costs for 000007000050

There are around 63 messages like this, which also includes Scrap Variance is also not calculated.

000007000050 is I believe an Order.

In the other messages; with green light, it says, No Standard Cost Estimate found for XYZ material in this plant XYZ.

The plant being taken are 1200 and 1201 at the moment. But this test run has been kept limited to 1200 as for now; just to ensure results are coming correctly.

And also, previously we have run the settlement with ZCO88 in the production.

Kindly help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check that you have released the product costing.

Please check the following:

In the general version definition, check if the flag 'Variance' has been correctly set for version 0.

In the specified controlling area settings, check if this flag is

missing for the version 0. Please mark a version and select

'Controlling Area Settings' in the dialog structure on the left side

(with double click). You see the version settings in corresponding controlling area and need to activate flag 'Variance' for version 0.

Or try with verson 1.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Through MB51, checked the materials which were seemingly having an error.

The materials weren't produced in that month, thus no Target costs generation which were initiating from the Standard Costs.

Problem Solved. Thanks all. Points awarded

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You should have calculated standard cost estimates before you did your production. Now the system cannot calculate a variance, because it doesn't know what to use as a base.

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Before the production?

Can you explain further? As I'm new to this area.

Kindly suggest a solution. Do we need to reverse some entries?

Kindly elaborate on the process.

Thanks. But I'm greatly stuck.

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In OKV6 for your controlling area and version (e.g. 0) you will have specified how the system is expected to calculate target costs. Based on the error you get it must be set to "current standard cost estimate".

This means that for the dates specified in the messages you received the system expects a standard cost estimate (these you create via CK11N or CK40N). Check the Costing tab in MM03 to see the details on if a standard cost estimate exists (there are other transactions to check e.g. CK13N).

As you receive errors it would appear that you do not have such a cost estimate or that you do have one but your CO area and company code currencies differ. And you do not have the cost component in the CO area currency. (This setting is made in OKYW).

To avoid the errors you either change the setting in OKV6 or ensure a costing existing at the required dates. Unfortunately costing cannot be done with dates in the past!

I hope this helps to clarify somewhat.


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I Agree with Piet.

if you didnt run material cost estimate for material and you have created production order, then completed production order and try to run vairance calculation,there is no standard cost for that material.system doesn't no with what cost it will calculate variance.

To avoid this the following

1.goto CK11N for that particular material and run material cost estimate.

2. Mark and Realse cost estimate(CK24)

3.create production order and complete order.

4.calculate variances.

now you will see correct variances.

Hope this helps you.