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Key user settings-start adaptation mode

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When using a user with user and user mannagerment permission to click Key user settings-start adaptation mode, an error form will pop up.

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Hi Yujiang,

The user should be flagged as a Development User.

There could be two causes for this:
The user is assigned to the PDI work centres.
The user has previously logged into the Cloud Application Studio.

To resolve this issue you need to perform the below mentioned checks:

  1. Open the UI in Silverlight.
  2. Go to the work centre Application and User Management.
  3. Select the view Business Users.
  4. Search for Business User XXX (XXX represents the Business User ID).
  5. Go to Edit and select Access Rights.
  6. Go to the Work Centre and View Assignments tab.
  7. Select the Find button and search *PDI*.
  8. Click Go and select the Locate button.
  9. Remove(Inform the customer) any PDI work centres that may be assigned to the Business User.
  10. Select the Save button.

If the PDI work center views are not assigned and still the error is occuring, then please create an incident to SAP.



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Hi Arjun,

Thank you for your answer, my question has been solved.

The way to solve the problem is to release the development rights of the corresponding users, and then edit it will not give an error.