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Key figure summating due to a characteristic

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Hi experts.

I need to create a report showing the total weight of a kit, so for that i´ve created a new data source in which i´m showing next columns:

Product ID is showing the Kit ID

Description is showing the Kit description

Product ID is showing the ID of the components in every kit

Cantidad de componentes (1) is showing how many eaches of every component are in the kit

Cantidad correspondien (2) is showing the weight for every component

Peso total (3) is showing the reult of (1)(2), which is the total weight of all the eaches of every component

I want to show the addition of all the total weights of every component by kit into the 4th coulmn

how can i do this? is this possible?

Hope for you to help me


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear luis.angel.hernandez,

Based on Description, it seems you wanted values to displayed as per below screenshot

If you want values like key figure, then all you have to do is to put result for field "Product ID" (2nd column) and if you want values like last column, then apart from using result row on "Product ID" (2nd column), you have to create new key figure using desired key figure and in step 3, use Calculate Single Value As Hide and use that key figure in report.

You will get the result as last column.

Please check and let us know in case of any further concern (along with how you want data to be displayed in report with sample screenshot)

Saurav Kumar

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Saurav.

Thank you so much for the answer.

That´s exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much.

Best regards,