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KEPH cost field

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we have defined the cost component in OKTZ, to view the breakdown standard cost, I try to go to S_alr_ P99_41000111, but if I press F1 for any component cost, it says "no documentation available", if I go to KEPH table, there are around 35 cost field, in SE11, how to know which cost field in KEPH maps to S_alr_p99_410000111 cost component for example "direct labor"? thanks

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Answers (2)

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Hello Siva,

Cost components are saved in KEPH table are based on assignment columns in TCKH3 table.

For the full cost and fixed cost part of each cost component system automatically assigns a number in TCKH3 table. The fields are TCKH3-EL_HV  and TCKH3-EL_HF.

Give your cost component name in TCKH3 table field ELEHK you can see these column values. System updates the fixed cost and full cost for each cost component to the correspond field values in KEPH.

For example if in TCKH3 for cost component say for example MATERIAL COST the value in TCKH3-EL_HV= 1 and TCKH3-EL_HF=6, in KEPH system updates the Full Material cost in field KST001 and fixed cost to field KST006

Hope i answered your query



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Dear Siva

Probably you mis-spelled S_alr_ P99_41000111 actually it is S_P99_41000111. In this report if under itemization you will press F1 you will find that the figures are coming from KKB_DUMM table (type Structure) and not from KEPH.