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KE5Z not returning any data

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I am trying to run transaction KE5Z to display actual line items for a profit center. I enter the following data:

Record type: 0

Version: 0

Controlling Area: CEPH

Posting Period: 1 to 3

Fiscal Year: 2006

I'm leaving the rest wide open. I keep receiving an error message saying "No data found".

Can anyone help?

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Answers (2)

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I removed the posting periods and it still generates the message, "No data found".

I did some searching in config and it seems like we don't have Profit Center Accounting fully configured. Is there a table I can look at to confirm if there are any PCA documents even being posted?


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You might want to look at GLPCa (PCA: Actual Line Items)and GLPCT (PCA - Transaction data) tables to see if you have any entries.


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Remove the Posting Period entries and execute.


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