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KE28 Variants

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We have 31 KE28 variants and someone has to update the period values each month. We have a custom variable variant for dynamic date selection with the proper format but I do not see how to link the variable variant to the KE28 period selection parameter. If possible, I would like KE28 Actual and Reference periods to both default to the prior period.

So my question is whether we can do one of the following:

1) Default in previous period whenever KE28 is run.


2) Find a way to save a month/year value in the From Period fields that are dynamic as part of the report variant.

Any help is appreciated.



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Because we have 60-80 variants in our month-end processes for order settlement, we wrote a Variant maintenance program.

It works for all selection variant maintenace. Enter the program and all existing variants come up in a list. Select the ones to be updated and then just page through them, changing as you go.

It has simplified many peoples work life.

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Hello Althea,

any chance you can email me the program you are using to maintain the variants. I could develop one but since you have one that works, I would like to leverage if possible. This would be worth full points!



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I am sorry, but it is not my program to share. However my basic request was:

This transaction must allow an end-user to

maintain variants, be it his own variants or

for someone else (authorization checks are



The functionality has to remain similar to the

standard one found in SM38.

However, in addition to be able to work on a

specific variant, the user must also be able

to select multiple variants at the same time.


One particular advantage that this transaction

must provide compared to SM38 is to show on one

screen all the variants created by a specific

user, or all the variants from a specific program

or list of programs.

The programmer had just been to class and learned about a dialog transactions, which made this possible.

We have 3 variations on this:

1 - allows access to any variant and the ability to change it

2 - allows access only to variatns that the user created or is "last change"

3 - display only for any variant - with an ability to copy any of the variants for their own use.

Hope this is of some use to you and that you understand not sending the program.