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JVA GJRG_5J2A doesn't display Expenditure

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Dear All SAP Master

I have a problem when executing t-code JVA GJRG_5J2A

it doesn't display any data related expenditure, only cash call due and called appear,, and no error message of anything

i've already check configuration and i don't find any suspicious ,,

can anyone give me suggestion ?

Best Regards.
Rumi Al Afghani

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is this happeneing for a specific month? Have you run cutback?

Please check if you have relevant expense items in the 4B ledger and with a billing indicator 6 for Expenditures?

Also consider cross checking GJRG_5J2B.


Hari Dharen

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Dear Mr. Hari Dharen

No sir this happen all month

the cutback already executed for the following month sir.

i've check the 4b ledger as you suggested and there's no any BI no 20 in the ledger .No 20 which is (recoverable expenditure in this client)

i've already check

configuration related billing indicator and recovery indicator .

All seem fine

but there something odd when i cutback coCode(0352)

as u can see that when cutback executed the customer partner doesnt cut back

and the BI no 20 is not there

should the result of cutback is like this

(other Company code)

things that i've check

1.RI and BI configuration

2.Cutback Account , and Special g/l assignment for cutbak

3.Customer Partner account, reccont account and control data

is there any suggestion Mr Hari ?

Best Regards

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Hello Rumi

Please check the JVA configuration for company code 0352. Have you configured it with "operator as partner" unchecked  ?



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