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journal entry

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if we enter journal entry at the time park if financial related asset is decrease or not.

please let me know we have option for park entry with postdated and direct entry with postdated.

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Holding Documents:

When you are entering data, you may be interrupted, or you may not have all the data you need for entering a document, for example bank charges or the appropriate cost center.

In this case, you can temporarily save the data you have entered, and then continue with the document entry at a later time. If you want the system to hold a document, it does not have to be complete. Account balances are not updated and the document data is not available for evaluation. A document number is not assigned.


You can use document parking to enter and store (park) incomplete documents in the SAP System without carrying out extensive entry checks.

Parked documents can be completed, checked, and then posted at a later date - if necessary by a different accounting clerk.

Data from parked documents can however be used for evaluations by the system. For example, amounts from parked invoices can be used for the advance return for tax on sales and purchases. Using payment requests, parked invoices can be paid punctually and without loss of discount.

Both of these documents do not generate until posted.