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Jobs running by FFID


Hi Team, 

We have provided SM36 through FFID.

So when FFID used SM36,  the job is showing as "Scheduled by FFID in SM37" when checking. 

We understand that Running job (STEP user)  will be some non Dialog user. 

However, as per SAP, FFID should not be used as for both  SCHEDULING and RUNNING(STEP) .

Since SM36 given through FFID, when FFID used for scheduling a job (either through SM36 or SE38), it automatically takes FFID as "Scheduled by". 

SAP confirmed that FFID should not be used for both Scheduling and Running.  Hence what is the best alternate ? Is there anyway we can give other user while scheduling ? 


Thank you. 

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Dear all, Any advice on this on how to achieve?
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Dear Sankar,

As per as I know, you can create a system user as "Joubuser" and you can use this user for background jobs. 


Best Regards

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Thank you. But actually the problem is, if we schedule through sm36, whoever are doing that activity it will take as their ID only for "Scheduled by". This need to be changed, so is there anyway to give some standard user rather than who is creating the job. Sm36 was given to FFID, so when FFID execute sm36, the job shows as that FFID as created by . I understand "RUN BY", where we are giving background id. But how we can restrict FFID wont show under SCHEDULED by, as SAP suggested FFID should not be used both for RUN BY and SCHEDULED BY. Please advise.