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Jobs Execution Logs Retention

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Customer wants to know when application jobs that have already run are deleted.

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Dear Customer,

Application jobs that have already run cannot be deleted by the user. They are automatically deleted after a specified retention period.

The following applies for the retention period:
The retention period for an application job can be determined by an application exit in the job catalog entry. 
If the job catalog entry for an application job does not have an exit of this kind, the retention period depends on the period of the job:

Not periodic: 14 days
n minutes: 7 days
n hours: 14 days
n days: 24 x n days
n weeks: 24 x 7 x n days
n months: 24 x 31 x n days

Spool lists created by application jobs are not deleted until the application jobs have been deleted.


I request you to use the SAP Customer Influence channel to make the development aware about your business requirement.

Kindly, find the SAP KBA 0002963059 - How to Submit Feature Requests for SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Product.



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