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Dear Gurus,

We recevie a material for Job Work in our plant .to process this material we have use certain of our in house raw materials and then send it back after processing .

the material coming into our plant is enter as Non Valuate material as its coming for Job work..

the raw material in our plant which we are consuming is valuted materials.

My query is can we can we include the these valuated raw materials in the BOM of non valuted material code and consume them via a Process order ,when we create Job work perocess order for this JOb work.

Thanks in advance



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this query was better suited for PP

you can have valuated material as items in a BOM for NV material.

in the prod order, system will ask for the settlement rule when NV is header material

Even if you have all the items of NV category, if you are running labor and overheads into the order, the order will carry cost.

settlements differ for header FG and NV materials.your CO consultant will be able to guide you on that.