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JEXS condition type

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I would like to know how system fetches the duties and all deductable taxes from Tax procedure to MM pricing prodcedure

in case of JEXS and NAVS

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is due to the settings which is maintained against the NAVS condition type in which the condition ctgy is defined as N which means input tax non deductible and in control data 2 EXclusion indicator N means Taxcode.

Due to the above settings when a tax code in which the condition types are inventorised, the value will flow to this condition type NAVS

In case of deductible tax code, the value will flow to JEXS conditon type.



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I have created a service PO and there a condition type for VAT non recoverable was mentioned so the value came in the condition type NAVS but also in JEXS so this means JEXS also catches the vlaue of deductable and non deductable taxes

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Yes JEXS picks both Nondeductible and deductible taxs also

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Both NAVS and JEXS condition type is used to fetch tax amount in PO for mainly reporting and Print (note that both are statistical in your pricing procedure) purpose so in your pricing procedure if both of these are absent there will be no problem.

Now the logic behind both of these condition type

NAVS -> It bring all the non deductible tax component

JEXS -> It brings total tax amount (only used in Indian scenario )

Lets have an example say you are using tax V1 with code 10.3% Excise duty 4% CST and your PO net price is 1000 INR

{Here as we know Excise is deductible and CST is inventorised i.e non deductible )

So total excise duty 103 INR

Total CST 4% of 1103 = 44.12 INR

Then in NAVS it will flow 44.12 INR

and in JEXS it will flow 103+44.12 =147.12 INR

Now how the system differentiate between the two ?

If you go to M/06 i.e condition type details you will find the difference

For NAVS your will find

Cond.category ---N -- Input Tax not Deductible

For JEXS it is

Cond.category D Tax

I hope it clarifies

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Note 501054 - FAQ: Taxes in purchasing

I read and analyze and conclude that these two condition are sap stander define which link between MM pricing procedure and tax procedure

but how it link don't know may some hard coding


Kailas Ugale