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J1IH-TR6 Challan

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Please let me know what we do using the TR6 Challan

using T_Code : J1IH.What accounting entries are passed in such cases.

As per my knowledge the debit entry is passed on to the PLA Account.What is the use of this PLA Account and PLA on hold account.



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Making Adjustment Postings for Money Transferred to PLA

Use: - You follow this procedure to make an adjustment posting when you transfer money to your personal ledger account (PLA).

Prerequisites: - You have already transferred the money to your PLA at the bank, using a TR6 challan, and have posted the corresponding accounting document.

Procedure: -

1. J1IH  Excise JV  TR6 challan

2. Enter data as required, including the document number.

You can enter either the challan number OR the number of the accounting document (This document is to be first created through T. Code u2013 FB50. In this Document Debit PLA on Hold A/c and Credit Bank A/c with the Amount to be transferred in PLA CENVAT Accounts)

3. Click on u201CEnteru201D button.

If you entered the accounting document number, the system displays the information from it.

4. Enter the amounts against the accounts that you require.

5. Save the adjustment posting.

6. System will post Excise JV Document; Accounting Document with Part2 Serial No has been successfully created.

PLA On Hold - Cr



PLA SECess - Dr

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To Upload PLA Balances we go for TR6C challan, PLA bed, ecs, secess, should be Debit entries and for debit entries there shud be a credit entry so we are taking PLA onhold account, but during Migration we use Migration account rather than onhold account to take credit.



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PLA A/C is the Account through which we pay to the Bank. Normally we use this in the case of Excise.

i.e During Utilization which we have to do on a monthly basis if we dont have sufficient balance in our input(purchase) side Excise Accounts we will pay to the government using the money in our PLA A/C.