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IW29 - Notification report error

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Hi All,

While I am executing IW29 display notification,, the report shows different times in completion of time and reference time field/time of change .

For Eg: completion time : 12:55

            reference time : 11:55   ( which is the system time)

            time of change : 11:55 ( which is the system time)

Generally (completion time/reference time/time of change) of them remains the same in the report whereas there is a difference of time  that is appearing recently in the IW29 report.

Could you please help me as to what needs to be done in this issue.


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Completion time is different with Reference time.

Time of change will reflect last change done on notification.

Reference time is manual entry to capture the time by which this notification would have been completed. Mostly it will be system time when you do Notification Completion.

Completion time is also manual entry by which physically that notification issue has been addressed.