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IView Link not triggering RFC call , second time without refreshing page

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Hello All,

I am facing an issue with SAP ESS Portal Scenario u201ETeamcalenderu201C.

I have four links in my portal page for Absence request u2013 (standard sap IView u2013Leave request (

(1) Teamcalender (2) Hide Calendar (3) Time Quota Overview (4) Abb/Att Overview

In the Implementation IMPL_PT_ARQ_REQ there is some filter for some customer specific requirement: (For ex: removing the description of Abb/ Att description and its working fine)

Requirement as follows:

Following are the finding, when I observed the transaction using ST01.

Step 1: when I click on u201CTeam calendaru201D for the first time its triggering RFC Call PT_ARQ_TEAMCALE_GET. Since it fetching data from SAP backend system it will execute my BADI and the filter will be working properly.

Step 2: when I click on u201CAbb/Att Overviewu201D for the first time its triggering RFC Call PT_ARQ_REQLIST_GET. Since it fetching data from SAP backend system it will execute my BADI and the filter will be working properly.

Step 3: When I am clicking the Link u201CTeam calendaru201D OR u201CAbb/Att Overview u201C Second time it not triggering the RFC call and my filter will not work.

I checked the LOAD property of the Iview in Portal, by SAP default the Cache setting are SET to u201CNONEu201D. And the Cache time is ( HH:MM: SS:MS = 0:0:0:-1).

Is there any setting that I should make in order to trigger the RFC call every time when I click on my u201CTeamcalenderu201D link?

Hope the description is enough to understand the scenario, Please feel free to ask, if you require more info u2026 Thanks a lot in Advanceu2026

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Answers (2)

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My problem was when an employee sees his team calendar he/she should not see the absence or attendance details of the others. This was achieved through BAdi Implementation IMPL_PT_ARQ_REQ by clearing the details description of absence/attendance.

But it was reappearing when the user navigate to another link and come back to team calendar. This was the functionality with the sap class CL_PT_ARQ_REQS_LIST.

I had handled the scenario enhancing the following class method.



im_request_list = inbox.} sap standard

ENDIF.} sap standard

ex_all_my_reqs = me->selected_reqlist.} sap standard

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""$"$\SE:(1) Klasse CL_PT_ARQ_REQS_LIST, Methode SEL_REQS_ATTSABS_FOR_OWNER, Ende A

$$-Start: (1)----






it_selected_itm = me->selected_reqlist


it_reqid_docnr_tab = me->reqid_docnr_tab.


FUNCTION z_XXXX_ess_modif_abbatt_data.

FIELD-SYMBOLS: <ls_this_sel_itm> TYPE ptarq_reqlist_struc_flat.

FIELD-SYMBOLS: <ls_this_docnr_tab> TYPE ptarq_reqid_docnr.

DATA: ls_reqid_docnr_tab TYPE LINE OF zgkvi_reqid_docnr_tab. "INSERT CKK901476

LOOP AT it_selected_itm ASSIGNING <ls_this_sel_itm>.

READ TABLE it_reqid_docnr_tab ASSIGNING <ls_this_docnr_tab>

WITH KEY reqid = <ls_this_sel_itm>-request_id.

IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

CLEAR <ls_this_docnr_tab>-request.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-request = <ls_this_sel_itm>.

MODIFY it_reqid_docnr_tab FROM <ls_this_docnr_tab> INDEX sy-tabix .


ASSIGN ls_reqid_docnr_tab TO <ls_this_docnr_tab>.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-docnr = space.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-reqid = <ls_this_sel_itm>-request_id.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-request-request_or_attabs = <ls_this_sel_itm>-request_or_attabs.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-request-request_id = <ls_this_sel_itm>-request_id.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-request-first_subm_date = <ls_this_sel_itm>-first_subm_date.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-request-first_subm_time = <ls_this_sel_itm>-first_subm_time.

<ls_this_docnr_tab>-request-version = <ls_this_sel_itm>-version.

APPEND <ls_this_docnr_tab> TO it_reqid_docnr_tab.




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you can refresh your team calendar using the table settings, then each time you refresh the data will be read from database

Leave Request: Cache Validity


Specifies whether the system is to read the data from the database of requests anew each time a user starts the application. You can use this switch to improve system performance significantly.


You can make the following entries:


The system reads the data from the database of requests only once a day for each employee. If a user chooses Refresh in the Web application, the system reads the data from the database of requests again.


The system rereads the data from the database of requests when a user starts the Web application or chooses Refresh.


Only for SAP-internal use.


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Dear Siddharth,

Thanks for your message,

SPRO->SAP IMG->PM->ESS->Service Specific Setings->Working time->Teamcalender->Define Layout Teamcalender.

This Cofig is already in the system...I had checked it both with settings with 1 and -1 before making this post and it never trigger the RFC Call (SAP Backend) .

Still I doubt after making this cofig, should i make any setting in portal for the same.

thanks once again...