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Its possible the Cross Plant maintenance company in s/4hana cloud Public?

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Hi everyone,
I have a cross maintenance scenario (country Chile) where there are 3 company codes (in the same CO company) with their respective maintenance plants.
One of these companies is the one who performs the maintenance work for all the other companies.
For example, if company code 1 is the one that performs the maintenance work for all companies, the assignment of the planning plant would look like this:
Company code 1 = Maintenance plant 1 = Planning plant 1
Company code 2 = Maintenance plant 2 = Planning plant 1
Company code 3 = Maintenance plant 3 = Planning plant 1
Is this scenario possible in S/4hana cloud Public?
In this case, in the configuration, the planning plant for all companies would be the code of the plant that performs the maintenance?
At the accounting level, in which company would the maintenance expenses be reflected?
Is there a link with information on this scenario?
Thanks in advance
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Bcerqueiro 


My understand is that the cross maintenance scenario you describe is possible in S/4HANA Cloud for Asset Management . I checked and could find no restrictions that would say its not achievable




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Hi Enda, I appreciate your prompt response.

In the technical objects master data, the assignment of maintenance plant and planning plant was carried out as follows:

Company code = 4610 / Maintenance plant = 4611 / Planning plant =4610 / Ceco= 46111101 (company code 4611)
The maintenance labor is performed by company 4610 and Planning plant  4610 and the spare parts is in company 4610 planning plant 4610
The settlement rule has the cost center of the maintenance plant. When the order is settled the following error is generated:
La cta. 12300000 4610 no es contabilizable directamente.


Account "12300000" in company code "4610" is marked as a reconciliation account for account type "D" and cannot therefore be directly posted to.

System Response



Select a different account.

Can you help me identify at which configuration point this G/L account is defined?
How can I resolve this scenario so that the expenses are settled in the company that has the equipment installed.
Thanks in advance