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ITS in 2004s Sneak Preview

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after installing the Netweaver 2004s Preview, I want test the ITS Webgui. The ITS Service is correctly available but when I logged onto the system, I get a RABAX-State with a "ITS_CANT_LOAD_INCLUDE" shortdump. The reason is, that the template "templates\webgui\dm\generator.html" could not be compile due to a missing include "hrnplink.html".

In the previous sneak preview, ABAP WAS Netweaver 2004, the ITS webgui was installed correctly and works fine.

Anyone out there, who has started successfully the ITS webgui with the 2004s Sneak Preview?

Thanks a lot and regards,

Hendrik Brandes

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the Sneak Preview the necessary ITS services are not published. But this can be easily done:

Open the SE80

Select the Internet Service WEBGUI

Goto "Utilities" -> "Settings" -> "Internet Transaction Server"

Make sure "Internal ITS" and "HTTP" is selected in the "Test Service" Tab.

In the "Publish" Tab select "On selected Site" and "INTERNAL" from the drop down list box and confirm.

Choose in the context menu (right mouse click at the object tree) of the WEBGUI Internet Service "Publish" -> "Complete Service"

Repeat this for the Internet Services SYSTEM and IAC

Now you can start the WebGui service from the SICF or call directly:


Sorry, the services should have been published correctly in the NSP out of the box. The next version will be corrected.



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Hi Dirk,

no matter;-) Just before I get your answer, I solved it the same way. Perhaps more with trial and error, but I solved it and get the webgui running. A very nice application!

Thank you for your help!


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