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Item not relevant for Billing but still exist in Billing due list VF04

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Hi Experts,

I am experiencing an issue where this is an STO scenario.

The PO->DN->PGI->GR (Receiving plant) where there is no invoice required as its with the same company.

However, I can see there is one Delivery still getting reflected in VF04 due list.

Standard Delivery type NL has been used and already checked the item categoy relevance and its

maintained as J ( Relevant for deliveries across EU countries.) I dont think so this was billed earlier as I had already checked the Deliveries created with same item category for past six months and they have not been billed.

Is there any other settings that needed to be checked apart from item cateogry and verifying how the same combination of Delivery type and item category worked earlier?

IBest Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pl confirm the PO Type used for the STO.

Hope you have not used the PO type for Intercompany Sales Scenario.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Ramesh,

You may be right that with the same item category settings, there were no billing item generated (with the billing indicator as J in your Item Category) earlier. But how now it is happenning the other way round.

Here are the reasons:

The outbound delivery is relevant for billing if: (YOUR PRESENT CASE)

1. The Plants abroad active field is selected (found in Customizing under Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Tax on Sales/Purchases -> Basic Settings -> Plants Abroad -> Activate Plants Abroad)

2. Country of departure (country where the plant is located) and destination country (country where the ship-to party is located) need to be different EU countries.

So, if you dont satisfy the above two conditions you will not get the billing item and that's what has happenned in your past 6 Months.


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What item category are you using, please specify. If you are doing STO within same company code, I would think that you need item category that has billing indicator of something more along the lines of "D". Please give more specifics on item category and will try to assist.



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HI Jay,

Thanks for your response.

Here the item category being used in J.

Already checked the earlier Deliveries with same item categories and none of them were showing up in VF04.

There is no change in configuration as well recenlty.

Please advice?