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Item.column.row ?

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I just have a simple question regarding the notation $[$item.column.row] in Formatted Searches

When working with singular data fields such as Business Partner name or number e.g $[$34.3.0] will suffice.

However, when I work with a table/grid the third number which supposedly represents the row number doesn't seem to work. Regardless if I write $[$34.3.3] or $[$34.3.1] or $[$34.3.0] only the very first row of the table is selected. Why is this?

I have seen posts on this forum that suggest that the coordinate is to indicate row, but I can't seem this to work. Am I the one being stupid? or is the third number used for something else aside from the row?

Help would be very much appreciated.


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Thank you so much for your feedback. It was a lot of help.

As a final question. Do any of you know, if it is possible to itirate through rows using some SBO specific syntax, or is this not possible without the use of the SDK?


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To iterate through the row you will need to do it through SDK.

Best wishes