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Item category not allowed with document type ZUB message ME020

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Let me explain the scenario 1st.

I am doing a intra company stock transfer between Plant A to B .all process ok PO->delivery->GR done

But doing the reverse stock transfer from Plant B to A  while creating a PO stock trasfer order i am getting the below error

Item category  not allowed with document type ZUB

     Message no. ME020


     The combination of document type ZUB and item category  entered cannot

     be used because it has not been defined in Customizing for Purchasing.


     You have created a purchase order of the document type "standard PO"

     with reference to a contract. The contract item you are referencing has

     the item category M (material unknown) or W (material group). This item

     category was adopted in the PO.

     If the combination of document type "standard PO" and item category M or

     W has not been defined in Customizing for Purchasing, you must use a

     valid combination of item category and document type.


Check your input and change the item category if necessary.


If you wish to create a stock transport order (with item category U),

you must invoke the function Purchase order -> Create -> Stock transfer

or use the order type stock transport order.

Please suggest me how to solve this issue



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Answers (3)

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Plant assignment could be missing in the Vendor master-Add Purchasing data. Assign it in XK02 in Purchasing screen and check once again.

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The error message clearly indicating the missing configuration for ZUB document type!

Considering you have done all configuration and master data setting for stock transfer from Plant B to A, now check assignment of Delivery Type to your Plant in following path:
SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing >Purchase Order > Set up Stock Transport Order > Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule

Also cross check-Use following path and find item category U available for your intra company stock transfer.

SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define Document Types
Select ZUB document type and go to  and click = > Allowed item category


Biju K

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   Please ensure that for return sto also you are using the same order type (ZUB) and item category (U) that is used for normal STO process. And "Return Item" check mark is marked in PO.

   Now, maintain the delivery type as NLR for your order type and supplying plant in the path OLME - PO - Return order - Store Return / Return Plant to plant.

   Go to the PO document type config and ensure that item cat U is maintained for the order type used.

   Also chek the reversal movement type, whether the transaction is there in the allowed transaction list.

Hope its helpful.