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Item category in BOM

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Hi All

What is the use of item catergory R - Varaible -size item in BOM cso1.

Thanks and Regards

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Answers (3)

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Item category R is used for categorising variable size items.. (In a plant if you have a material which often comes with a change in the sizes)

It is having the following attributes..

1.Inventory management is essential...

2.It is mainly used for variable sizes...

3.Sub items are supported for the material...

please check OS13.


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If you want different-sized sections of a material (raw material) to be represented by one material number in BOM items, you use the R variable size item category.

We use OS15 to create Variable size item formula.

For Ex: To calculate vol. of rectangle

Vol. of recanglet = length * breadth * height

Please refer this link for details,

[Varaible Size item in BOM|]