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Item category assignment for GL account

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You have been helping me a lot with lots of issue.

I am having another issue that is, I can't add an Item category 04000-cash account in Financial accounting (new)---GL accounting (new) ------ Business transaction ----- Document splitting -------Extended Document splitting ------ Define Business Transaction Variants

Here I can't save Item category 04000.

Can anyone help please.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check whether

1 Cash G/Ls are created in system

2. Cash G/Ls are defined in any of the category.

If not, please send the screen shot of error message as this will help us to analyze the issue and provide solution for the same accordingly.



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Hi Gupte,

This is not exactly the error.

When I try to save the new item category, I can't save it.

There have any option to select item category in GL master? If so where I can find that?

I really appreciate all of your help.



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S T wrote:

When I try to save the new item category, I can't save it.

What is the error you are getting ?

Can you post a screen shot ?

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I really appreciate your help.

So here I can't save the cat. 04000 cash account. It says on the new entries it's saves but when I come back on the main screen it's not there.



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HiST ,

You canot add any thing in SAp delivered Transaction varaint . IF you want then please copt 0001 and then try .

But I believe Still you won't be able to add . So plese read below help on these

Define Business Transaction Variants


In this activity you can define business transaction variants for the document split business transactions.

This is useful for the following purposes:

  • For a business transaction, you have defined exactly which item categories can be posted. With a business transaction variant you can restrict the business transaction further by excluding further item categories from those permitted. When you post a document, the system can check, using the business transaction variant, whether the posting is permitted. If an item category is not permitted, the system rejects the posting.
  • For each business transaction variant, you define the rule according to which the document is to be split. If you also want to split individual documents for one business transaction according to different rules, you have to define the required number of business transaction variants.


When you define a variant, you also have to define the relevant Split Rules.

You assign the business transaction variants to a document type in the activity Classify Document Types for Document Split.


You have defined your own splitting method.

Standard settings

In the standard, SAP delivers business transactions with permitted item categories. SAP also delivers business transaction variants for the business transactions.

You cannot define your own business transactions. However, you can define your own business transaction variants that restrict the business transactions further.

In the respective document split procedures, standard split rules are assigned to the business transaction variants delivered. These rules follow a defined meaning. Before you activate the document split, you should check to what extent these rules are suitable for the business processes to be posted.


      1. Select the business transaction for which you want to create a business transaction variant and then double-click on

Business Transaction Variant

    in the navigation area.
      2. Choose

New Entries

      3. In the field


      , enter a four-digit key and a


    for your business transaction variant.
    4. The system automatically transfers the item categories and the basic setting of the business transaction.
    5. Select the business transaction variant and double-click on Item Categories Assigned in the navigation area.
    6. You can make the following settings for the item categories:
    • Not supported
        If you set this indicator, the item category is


    • permitted for this business transaction category. You should prohibit the item categories that are not to be used for this business transaction variant. For example, in an asset invoice, only the item category Asset is to be posted; the expense is not to be posted.
    • Mandatory

        • If you set this indicator, this item category
  • must
      • exist when you post a document. Set the item categories as obligatory if the business process and/or its logic require this item category. For example, a customer invoice must contain a customer, since the leading company code is derived from the customer line item in the subsequent processes.
      • Once Only
      • If you set this indicator, the item category must only appear once in the business transaction specified.
  • Note
      • You do
  • not
    • have to make a setting for every item category.
    1. 7. Save your business transaction variant.
  • Example

  • In the standard, SAP delivers the business transaction Customer Invoice. The item categories for this business transaction are defined as follows:

  • Cat.  Name  Not supported  Obligatory  Once Only
    01000  Balance sheet account
    01100  Company code clearing
    02000  Customer  X
    05100  Tax on sales/purchases
    05200  Withholding tax
    07000  Asset
    20000  Expense
    30000  Revenue
    40200  Exchange rate difference
    80000  Budget
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Hi Preeti,

Thanks for your reply. It is very helpful.

Actually I got the error "Item category 04000 not allowed in accounting transaction 0300/0001" while doing FB60 for Cash account.

I know if I Deactivate the document splitting it works but I just wanted to know there have any permanent solution for that error?



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Hi St ,

Can you please paste the full error message ? and please see below threads and I am sure you will get this work

Item category 04000 not allowed in accounting transaction 0300/0001, T8G29 |&n...

Many Thanks

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Answers (1)

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Are you getting an error message?