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Item category 02000 is missing (obligatory in accounting transaction 0200/0

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Dear Guru

we tried to post transaction customer with special GL account and Revenue line item with document type DI which is Customer Invoice. The point is users can post it for every month until now they do month-end closing and post the transaction as normal they can do but system showed error message as shown below. Then I tried to deselect that item category to not require or tried to delete it from accounting transaction but system always add it in that accounting transaction. So far I do not know why they could do enter transaction before now and can not do it anymore with the usual process.:-

Please you help to advise me urgently...Thank you.

Item category 02000 is missing (obligatory in accounting transaction 0200/0001)

Message no. GLT2002


The online document splitting is active in your system. Here, each document is assigned to a accounting transaction variant and each document row to an item category.

You determine for each business transaction variant which item categories can or must be posted here.

The following error occurred for the document you entered:

Item category 02000 could not be derived from a document line item. This item category is however defined as obligatory in accounting transaction 0200, variant 0001.

System Response

The document cannot be posted.


Check the document entered, the derivation of the business transaction variant, the derivation of the item category, and the assignment of the item categories to the business transaction variant.


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Answers (4)

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Hi All,

The fix, that worked for us for the same issue, was to change in GSP_LZ2 (Classify G/L accounts for document splitting) transaction, the Balance Sheet account (that was determined during billing) from Category 02000 - Customer to 30000 - Revenue.

But also check your scenario and what other postings will be affected with that change, before you make this change.



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I also get error GLT2002 when releasing the billing document to Finance.

I understand I would need to have a customer item. In the split config I cannot remove the *mandatory* indicator.

Why I do not have a customer:

Customer gets a voucher, and the amount of the voucher is bigger than the invoice amount. So there should not be an invoice generated with the customer on it.

But, there are still revenues, tax and rebate account to be posted to.

What could be solution for this?

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@hein2000 did you ever resolve your issue? As I have come across a similar one, where there is a billing document with no posting to customer, there is reverse charge VAT though and this is causing that error.
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Go to SPRO --> Financial Accounting (New) --> General Ledger Accounting (New) --> Business Transactions --> Document Splitting --> Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting.

Click on Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting put on your chart of account and enter

and go to new entries , from to accounts and put on Item category 02000 .



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Hi nuch

go to

fin acc(new) --- g/l acc (new) ---business transaction -

doc splitting -

extended doc splitting -

define bus transaction variant..

here for transaction 0200 i.e customer invoice

see the assigned item categories for variant 0001. there see whether you maintained any field as required..

just deselect the field if ticked.



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Dear sir

thank you for your reply. I can not deselect it because It is in grey color in Change mode. Please you tell me how to change it.


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Please see your document splitting Configuration.