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Item Categories and their groups

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Could anyone explain me what an Item Category exactly means and what it is used for. Also, what is an Item Category Group and its usage, and the difference between an Item Category Group and a General Item Category Group.


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Hi Raj,

Item Category contrlos the complete behaviour of a material in sales orders, Deliverirs, Billing and also at so many other areas. Just to say a few imp fucntions of item category it controls whether an item is relevant for





etc. So that it has a profound influence across SD.

Item category group helps in deriving an item category for a material. Eg:

Or + Norm ( Iterm category group ) -

> Tan

So, Item category helps in determining whats the item category of a material.

General item category group is some what like Item category group only. But for example we have DIEN and LEIS ( Service item categroy groups without and with delivery). But we can maintain both of them as NLAG ie non stock materials by using Gen item category group as NLAG,

Gen Item Category group is at a higher level than item category group.

Hope it helps. Pl. reaward if found usefual.

Thanks & Regards

Sadhu Kishore