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Item Availability

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With the function GetByKey I may get all relevant Data of a oItems object inclusive warhouse data.

So I can check if a item available or not.

But if there a simple method to get a date when a Item becomes to be available?

Thank you for any hints and suggestions.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Heiko,

If an item is not available now and a PO has already been

snet to a vendor, you could use this DueDate to determine the date when the item will be available.



More details, if you like:

When <Qty in stock> - <open Qty orders> > 0, the item is available.

When <Qty in stock> - <open Qty orders> + <open ordered Qty.> > 0, the item is available earliest at the DueDate of the PO where the left side becomes positive (when multiple POs are open, you will have to check which is the one where this happens + get its DueDate).

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