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IT 416 Quota Deduction latest period

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Hi Team,

When I am doing quota compensation from infotype 416 it deduct the quota from previous year/ previous record where quota were exist, as per my client requirement it must be compensated from latest period / year record.

Where validity was also maintained properly, please guide me how to achieve this by config or any enhancement.



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In payroll sub-schema XT00-> function P0416 uses the IT 2006 records if validity period and if the deduction period is within the pay period for which the IT 416 record is created.

Hence you'll need to (a)change the IT 2006 record/s or (b)using ABAP Enhancement or similar method, modify the P0416 function code.

Further in P0416 function you may find it generates compensation payment w/t with hrs not exactly equal to the hrs entered in IT 416.  This is due to the rounding error that results when P0416 creates a w/t entry in OT for each applicable IT 2006 - the error being due to the 5 decimal accuracy in P2006-ANZHAL field as against 2 dec accuracy in OT, IT or RT tables.  The OT entries will get converted to a single IT entry at the end of the P0416 processing.

For correcting the rounding error, I have implemented a custom P0416 function copying the P0416 code, to accumulate the rounding error for each OT entry created and adding the total rounding difference to the last OT entry.  This reduces the rounding error to a tolerable difference.

Existing IT 2006 records can be amended using LSMW.  For future generation, you need to amend the config in V_559L - Validity/Deduction periods for each applicable PSA grouping and other key values.  Or just use the amended P0416 code.

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Are you using the same deduction rule used for Vacation ? We had the same issue we had to switch to the Manual compensation we were using same deduction rule as vacation which was first deducting from carry forward quota and then from the Annual current year quota.

If you wish to use the automated one somehow you have to figure out the way to zero your Unused previous years quotas.

Or if you found a solution please share, Many thanks


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In Time Management, Infotype 416 works on the principle that the earliest unused quota is compensated first.  This is logically sound as Quota from the current period which can still be used shouldn't be used before Quota that is no longer usable.

If you don't want to use the earliest unused quota, then you will need to use manual compensation instead.

You can also check the customising in:

SPRO -> Time Management -> Time Data Recording and Administration -> Managing time accounts using Attendance/Absence Quotas -> Processing Absence Quotas in Payroll -> Time Quota Compensation.

Here you can see the Methods for compensation time quotas, manual compensation, and maintain manual compensation.  Please note that T556U is where you define the type of compensation and a manual compensation is done under the Free Method.

Best Regards,