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Issue with STO

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Hello All,

I am trying to create inter-plant scenario (STO between WS and WF company code.)

When I am creating SA I get an error "Customer 37403 does not exist(Please change entry in plant A)"

Supplying plant is B ie 9501 and receiving plant is A.

I have maintained shipping point for Plant A with customer 37403.

Customer also exists and I have checked in XD03 with vendor as my supplying plant (9501).

What else do I need to maintain.?

Thanks and Regards,

Forum Shah

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Answers (3)

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Error 06849 is checked in FM MM06EFPV_PTV_FUELLEN

You must check also:

- Tr OVX6 (assignment of a sales area to the supplying plant)

- The assignment of a customer to the receiving plant (OMGN)

- Whether the customer is maintained for the same sales area as the material in the Supplying Plant

- Tr OVL2 (check if shipping point determination is set correctly

Sometimes this error also is caused by missing entry in SD customizing table TPAKD (Partner Determination for Customer Master). You can maintain this entry e.g. in customizing:

Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Basic Shipping Functions -> Partners -> Set Up Partner Determination for Deliveries -> Account Groups - Function Assignment

You can also check these notes:

169586     Sales Area Determination f. Stock Transport Order

109254     Customizing stock transport order Cross Company

I hope this information helped you!



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Check the below image for data/configuration flow.

Hope this Helps.


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Please be advised that the warning message: 06 849 Customer & doesn't exsist (please change entry in plant &) indicates that this customer is not maintained for the recieving plant.

The entry in TA OMGN (suppling)Plant <  > customer number is also necessary, but also the customer must be known in the receiving plant.
Make sure you create a vendor for the receiving company.  Within additional data you need to assign supplying plant.  Make sure the plant field is open. If not use OB23 to set the field to optional.

Hope this can help